Terms & Conditions

HostingRainbow Web Hosting Services Agreement:

We are providers of different categories of VPS/Dedicated Server. The hardware and software configurations, and the different tariffs applicable, are specified on the website hostingrainbow.com. Your consent to be bound by these terms is recognized by your utilization of the HostingRainbow Web Site, Hosting Services, Support Services and/or any HostingRainbow programming made accessible to you. The terms contained in this supersede and supplant whatever other understanding or transaction in the middle of you and HostingRainbow whether oral, composed or generally including any announcements made by any illustrative of HostingRainbow whenever.

1. Charges; Payment of Fees

1.1 Fees – HostingRainbow charges the accompanying expenses where material. Every single such charge are liable to change with 30 days notice. Not all expenses are pertinent to all records.
1.1.1 Set-Up Fee – This is an one time expense might that be accused in association of the foundation of another record.
1.1.2 Service Fee – This is the charge for your month to month, yearly or semiannual web facilitating administrations.
1.1.3 Domain Registration Fee – This is the expense for the enrolment of an area name and is non-refundable.
1.1.4 Private Registration Fee – This is the expense for the discretionary private enlistment benefit and is non-refundable.
1.1.4 Other Service Related Fees – These are charges for extra administrations that you may decide to add to your record.

1.2 HostingRainbow additionally maintains whatever authority is needed to modify, change, alter or erase expenses at its sole choice. HostingRainbow further maintains whatever authority is needed to establish new administrations and accuse charges in relationship of the procurement of such new administrations as it esteems suitable.

1.3 HostingRainbow maintains all authority to offer resulting limited time rates which might possibly be more ideal than the terms under which you entered this understanding. Any such occasional unique rates might not impact the then existing rights and obligations of every gathering. HostingRainbow additionally claims all authority to change the rate charged for any such expense under this concurrence with 30 days notice.

1.4 Payment of Fees – HostingRainbow acknowledges instalment with Paypal only. What's more, HostingRainbow may every once in a while permit extra types of instalment however the offering of a specific type of instalment does not commit HostingRainbow to keep on offering that type of instalment later on. The present rundown of instalment alternatives will be shown amid the request procedure. On the off chance that you have any inquiries concerning the current accessible instalment choices contact us.

2. Web Hosting Services

For the term of the assertion as put forward in this HostingRainbow consents to give Web Hosting Services concurring the arrangement chose by endless supply of your record. HostingRainbow maintains all authority to change, correct and/or generally modify the administrations furnished with proportional or generally equivalent administrations without former notification to you. The specifics of any specific offer are contained inside of the offer itself as distributed on the HostingRainbow site at the time you make your record and stay as a result all through the term of your understanding. The specifics of every single current offer are situated inside of the HostingRainbow Website situated at www.HostingRainbow.com. Web Hosting Services should be characterized as server space and information exchange stipends for the reasons of showing a business or individual site.

3. Acknowledgment Use

HostingRainbow entirely implements agreeability with its satisfactory utilization arrangement which may be found on the HostingRainbow Website situated at http://www.HostingRainbow.com. The terms of the adequate Use Policy are joined into this assention just as they were completely situated forward finally thus. You consent to keep up your site in full agreeability with the terms of the satisfactory utilization arrangement. Inability to so agree is reason for quick suspension and/or end under section (8) in this. HostingRainbow maintains whatever authority is needed to decline to give administration to anybody at their sole alternative.

4. Permit; Assignment

4.1 License – HostingRainbow, subject to the terms and conditions put forward in this, thus gives you a non-selective, restricted, individual, permit to utilize the HostingRainbow Web Hosting Service for the term of the Agreement as put forward in this.

4.2 Assignment – Your rights under this Agreement may be relegated just upon earlier notice to HostingRainbow and upon express composed support by HostingRainbow. Some other task is invalid and void.

4.3 The permit put forward in this area does exclude any privilege or qualification to utilize any trademark, servicemark, enlisted or generally of Add2Net, Inc., HostingRainbow or any related substance. For data upon how you may utilize our trademarks in your advertising materials or on your site, contact our client administration division.

5. Responsibility for Property; Confidentiality

5.1 It is comprehended and concurred that amid the term of this understanding and from that point you may come into ownership of data which is the secret and restrictive data of HostingRainbow including however not constrained to the HostingRainbow client administration and upkeep devices. You recognize that OK and title to any such HostingRainbow protected innovation should remain the sole property of HostingRainbow and that you have no right, title or intrigue in that. You further concur not to give access to the HostingRainbow administrations to any outsider. You concur yourself and not to help any outsider in any capacity to utilize, decipher, decompile, figure out, dismantle, alter, duplicate, rent, lease, loan, permit, circulate, business sector or generally discard any part of the HostingRainbow Services. Any privilege or title to any designing, coding, programming or client administration work around or other adjustment of the HostingRainbow administration might likewise remain the sole property or HostingRainbow.

5.2 During the term of this assention you may have admittance to certain data and materials identifying with the HostingRainbow business, clients, programming innovation and advertising which HostingRainbow regards as private (hereinafter "Secret Information"). You consent to at all times amid the term of this understanding and generally as put forward thus: (i) hold in certainty, and not uncover or uncover to any individual or element, any "Secret Information" without the express former composed assent of HostingRainbow; and (ii) not utilize or reveal any of the "Classified Information" for any reason whenever, other than in accordance with your rights under this understanding for the reason expected. These commitments should proceed inconclusively for insofar as the Confidential Information is a prized formula under material law and might proceed for three (3) years taking after end of this Agreement concerning Confidential Information, which does not ascend to the level of a competitive innovation.

5.3 You are the sole proprietor of any data that you post inside of your record range. HostingRainbow does not typically audit or alter the data posted inside of your record. Despite the above HostingRainbow particularly maintains all authority to alter, change, uproot or erase any data posted infringing upon this approach, the HostingRainbow Acceptable Use Policy or any material law, request or open arrangement. HostingRainbow is not your accomplice, partner, joint venturer or operators concerning any data set by you on the HostingRainbow servers.

6. Term

The starting term of this understanding should be the period chose by you at the beginning of your record. Intermittent records (month to month, yearly, semiannual) are naturally replenished and are charged in the same way you chose at the beginning of your record. Any Additional administrations are re-established for the same period as the relating facilitating administration. A posting of the in the blink of an eye accessible arrangements is accessible on the HostingRainbow site situated at www.HostingRainbow.com.

7. Suspension and Termination

7.1 (a) Supplier shall be entitled to suspend the services if the invoice is not paid on the due date. Supplier will inform the customer by email after which the customer is entitled for 1 day grace period to make the payment, failing to which supplier has all the rights to terminate the services. (b) Supplier shall be entitled to suspend the services in case of Child pornography. Customer shall be responsible for taking the appropriate actions within 24 hours, failing to which supplier has all the rights to terminate the services. Hostingrainbow will be the sole arbiter as to what constitutes a violation of this provision. Content that does not meet these standards will be removed without prior notice to the subscriber.

8. Customer's obligations

8.1 The Customer shall be solely responsible for:(a) managing the Dedicated Server, and for any loss or damage to the Dedicated Server, and shall put in place appropriate insurance cover to cover the risk of any such loss or damage. The Customer may not claim any reimbursement, replacement, or compensation from the Supplier in any circumstances; (b) uploading the Content onto the Server and checking that it functions satisfactorily. The Supplier shall not be responsible for any failure of the Customer to upload the Content correctly, and shall not be responsible for providing support in relation to the control and operation of the Content; (c) the Content, for the conception or development of the Website, and for the Customer’s equipment, systems or software necessary for the management of the Website. The Supplier shall have no obligation to validate or vet the Content for usability, legality, content or correctness and shall not, in any event, be liable towards the Customer or any third party for any loss arising from or in connection with the Content; (d) complying with all applicable laws and regulations concerning the Content, including (without limitation) for ensuring that the Website contains all information concerning the Customer, its products and the conduct of its business which are required; (e) ensuring that the Content, any material linked to the Website and any activity conducted via the Website do not breach the rights of any third parties including without limitation any intellectual property rights. (f) The Customer shall use its best endeavours to ensure that all Content on the Website does not contain any viruses and/or other harmful code.

9. Notice

9.1 Any notification under this assention might be given by HostingRainbow to you by means of email at the location gave by you to HostingRainbow at the beginning of this understanding or as HostingRainbow is along these lines exhorted. Notification to you at this location is considered adequate paying little respect to your receipt of such email. In the event that you wish to upgrade your email address you ought to do as such by reaching client administration by means of the HostingRainbow site situated at http://www.HostingRainbow.com/contact/.

10. Cancellation & Refund Policy

The following rules apply to cancellation / refund of VPS/Dedicated Servers only:1) You must request a cancellation BEFORE 15 days of your next renewal date. Failure to request a cancellation before 15 days of renewal, will attract next month's renewal amount to be paid. 2) No refund will be issued for the current billing cycle. 3) If you pre-paid for your dedicated server, we will refund your future month's payments as long as you request a cancellation BEFORE 15 days of your next renewal date. Your pro-rata refund amount will start from the beginning of next month's billing cycle.

11. Warrantees and LimitationsThe Dedicated Server shall remain the property of the Supplier at all times. The Customer shall not be entitled to sell, transfer, lease, charge, assign by way of security or otherwise deal in or encumber the Dedicated Server,In order to maintain adequate security levels of the Dedicated Server and of all the servers hosted by the us , We shall inform the Customer by email of the availability of Software upgrades for which a high level security failure has been noticed. The Supplier shall be entitled to disconnect the Dedicated Server if such upgrades are not carried out by the Customer following the Supplier’s notification. (a) The Supplier shall provide the Dedicated Hosting Services with reasonable care and skill and in accordance with best industry practice. The Supplier shall provide the Hardware and Software necessary for the provision of the Dedicated Hosting Services. The Supplier warrants that the Hardware, Software and the Dedicated Server shall perform in accordance with the specifications set out in the Order. The Supplier shall use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that: (b) the Hardware and Software is maintained in good working order and in accordance with best industry practice; (c) any defect, error or malfunction of the Hardware or Software is remedied as soon as is reasonably practicable, and the Client is informed immediately if such repair or replacement requires the Dedicated Hosting Services to be suspended; (c) any disruption to the Dedicated Hosting Services which does not result from any breach by the Customer shall be rectified as soon as is reasonably practicable following a request from the Customer

12. Reimbursement

12.1 You consent to completely safeguard and repay and hold innocuous HostingRainbow of and from all outsider cases, reasons for activity, requests, expenses, harms including both immediate and considerable harms, particularly including lawyers charges and expenses, master charges and expenses and intervention and/or assertion expenses and expenses brought about (whether paid or not) as the aftereffect of any rupture or case of break of this understanding or your carelessness whether dynamic or inactive or any carelessness of HostingRainbow in any capacity identified with your utilization of the HostingRainbow administration or any segment thereof.

12.2 You consent to completely protect and repay and hold innocuous HostingRainbow of and from any outsider cases, reasons for activity, requests, expenses, harms including both immediate and considerable harms, particularly including lawyers charges and expenses, master charges and expenses and intercession and/or assertion expenses and expenses caused (whether paid or not) as the aftereffect of any infringement or guaranteed infringement of any copyright or other licensed innovation right of any outsider which is in any capacity identified with your utilization of the HostingRainbow administration or any bit thereof. Decision of advice remains only that of HostingRainbow

12.3 You concur that upon the task of your client ID and secret key that you will keep up the classifiedness of your record data and accept all obligation of and from any misfortune, burglary or other demolition of any information as the consequence of any entrance to your record by means of the utilization of your client ID. You further consent to safeguard and reimburse and hold innocuous HostingRainbow of and from all outsider cases, reasons for activity, requests, expenses, harms including both immediate and important harms, particularly including lawyers charges and expenses, master charges and expenses and intercession and/or intervention charges and expenses acquired (whether paid or not) as the aftereffect of any case for harms in any capacity identified with the revelation of your secret User ID and Password data. Decision of guidance remains solely that of HostingRainbow.

13. Task

Your rights under this assention may be alloted just upon former notice and express approbation by HostingRainbow. HostingRainbow may dole out its rights hereunder to any individual or element who should turn into an essential proprietor, or shareholder of HostingRainbow. Some other endeavored exchange or task of rights hereunder should be invalid and void abdominal muscle initio.

14. Severability

On the off chance that any term, condition or procurement in this regard is held invalid or unenforceable by a court of skillful ward, such invalidity should not influence the legitimacy or operation of some other term, proviso or procurement and such invalid term, statement or procurement might be considered to be separated from the Agreement.

15. Decision of Law

This Agreement might be deciphered under the laws of the State of California without respect to any contention of laws procurements. Any activity between the gatherings to this assention for the rupture of this understanding or any activity or case in any capacity relating thereto should be venued in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of Orange. The gatherings to this assention thusly agree to locale in that court and consent to acknowledge benefit via mail and therefore waive any protection of any sort identified with purview or venue.

16. No Agency

Despite some other procurement of this understanding, HostingRainbow is not your specialists, accomplice or joint venturer in any admiration.

17. Correction

HostingRainbow might without notification ahead of time notification revise this Agreement every once in a while, and will do as such by posting the new Agreement on the HostingRainbow site set up of the old. Every last such revision should be get to be taking effect right now for all prior and future records.